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Made Complete In Christ takes the reader on a journey to introspection and realization of the their identity in Christ. “As God’s children, we are a ministry and each of us has a ministry.” A ministry that God has placed in us to impact the world. However, the actualization of this ministry is reliant on our acceptance that God exists and he is interested in the affairs of you and I, his children. Peace Amba addresses this issue by highlighting 3 vital points. -You are not a mistake. -God’s divine purpose for you must be fulfilled. -You are not a happenstance. Made Complete In Christ, provides the reader ample evidence that God is interested in us as a person and we can be who God has designed us to be. I challenge anyone hungering and desiring for a purpose driven and meaningful relationship with God to make Made Complete In Christ part of their daily devotional. This book is a companion for champions and God seekers who are longing for an excellent state of being which God wants for all His Children.


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