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 The Start of  Kisii & Kiambu Orphanages

      Haven of Rest Orphanage & Youth Center in Kisii & Kiambu, formally known as the Armani (Peace) orphanage, was established by Apostle Peace amba in April 2012. Home to more than 500 children, Apostle Peace amba was moved with compassion to help the children taught in mud buildings, no desk, chairs, or even supplies; However, they were still excited to go to school. Their zeal and resilience led Apostle Peace with the help from sponsors and donations to provide clothes, food, and toiletries for the children. 

      The Ebola crisis was a serious and challenging time for the population at large and for the orphans because there wasn't much information at the time about the disease, cure, or prevention, which caused the virus to spread rapidly. This led to plenty of deaths and more children rendered orphans. Even today, as we are still dealing with the pandemic and the effects of the pandemic at large such as homelessness, death, financial loss, etc. As a team, we made it an essential duty to show love and hope in a time where it seems hopeless. Education was a huge standard, not just with academics but in hygiene too, to ensure our children stay safe. Many of the children were not bathing for weeks. When they had the opportunity to bathe, they were using the water that cattle were using to drink and defecate to take a bath.

     Recently we have been doing many outreaches to the communities of Kisii and Kiambu, reaching and meeting the needs of children, orphans, and widows in and around the surrounding area. The work still continues as the vision has now increased. And we won't rest until we give each child home.

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