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Start of the orphanage in Nigeria

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The Haven of Rest Orphanage in Nigeria is a new orphanage created by the vision bearer Apostle Peace Amba in April 2021 as a brand-new addition to the ministry. After working with children for many years and even establishing orphanages in other parts of Africa, Apostle Peace decided to bring it all back home. 

According to the World Bank and The United States Census Bureau, Nigeria has about 201 million citizens, accounting for almost 3 percent of the total population worldwide. Bringing it back home, 40 percent or 83 million Nigerians live below the poverty level. So many children are living on the streets without hope of a good meal or a better tomorrow. In the south side of Nigeria, there is a superstition of a child being possessed; some say the child or children are witches or accursed and can harm the family. Some religions encourage families to identify these children as outcasts and to participate in behaviors such as physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. Which can be anything from burning, beating, mutilating, and disowning the child or children. Currently, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state these children, Identified as evil, are residing in the forest, forgotten and left to perish. This touched the heart of the Apostle as she heard and went to visit the children in the forest. And this kickstarted her vision to expand and establish another orphanage branch in Nigeria. 

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 The missionary team is working on ways to develop the areas, help the communities, and make a well-rounded home for the children living on the streets. Every night, a child makes the side of the road their home and resting place. Be it, siblings or individual children, losing their parents by different circumstances, abandonment, or deceased nature, these kids make the streets of Uyo their dwelling place. From feeding to bathing, education, and spiritual mentorship, these kids are lacking what we have and want to give to them. So now its time for a different era. We want to make that change. We are here to provide help, solace, and peace to the children and community.

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