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Haven of Rest Ministries

     Haven of Rest International Ministries, or HORIM as fondly known, was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Vision Bearer, Apostle Peace Amba had a heavenly mandate to gather women from all walks of life together to intercede for their home, family, marriage, and destiny. Formally inaugurated June 2010 under the mandate of Isaiah 61:1-7, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the good news to the poor.” The news of peace, hope, reconciliation, and freedom has ministered to every hungry soul. HORIM has identified a great need to raise a kingdom-based woman expecting their bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ. Women who are equipped with the Word of God and able to sustain their place in prayer find the rest which HORIM mandates in Matthew 11:28.

     Haven of Rest International Ministries’ three tenets is the Word of God, Worship, and Warfare. At HORIM, the undiluted word of God is preached, emancipating women from the clutches of depression, oppression, and deprivation. They are bringing healing and restoration to the whole woman in the community and the home and creating an awareness of God’s perspective of womanhood, bringing hope, healing, and repair to the hurting, broken, and abused women. Haven of Rest is a place that no one ever leaves the same way they came.

     Haven of Rest serves as a spiritual shelter and a physical shelter for women and children when needed. As the hands and feet of Jesus, Haven of Rest International Ministries, provides community outreaches throughout the year. Haven of Rest, the place of God’s power and praise.

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